What is counselling and how does it help?

Sometimes, the situations and experiences we face can make it difficult to cope day to day.   Whether our experiences are current or from the past, the feelings they generate can be overwhelming and hard to deal with alone. The trust and acceptance of the counselling relationship provides a safe place for clients to express their thoughts and feelings, to develop greater awareness of themselves and their environment, to be able to view their issues from a different perspective and to feel empowered in moving forward.

Who can come for counselling?

We work with clients from any ethnic background, of any faith or none. Whilst recognising that for some people faith may be a very important part of the counselling process, we recognise that for others, it is not. As therapists we respect, and will be guided by, the client’s process.

How many sessions can I have?

Each session lasts 50 mins.

The number of sessions will depend upon the needs of the client. At the outset, we will agree an initial period for us to work together (normally 6 sessions). After that time, we will review and agree the way forward on a regular basis.

Is counselling totally confidential?

Counselling takes place in a private and confidential setting. There are limited circumstances however, in which it is not possible for a therapist to assure confidentiality. These will always be discussed with the client before any disclosure takes place.