Treating Post Trauma Stress (PTS)

RTM (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memory) is a drug-free, non-traumatising therapy that has been shown to eliminate the symptoms of PTS in over 90% of clients.

In as few as three ninety-minute session, RTM leads the client through a series of visual exercises designed to disconnect the target trauma memories from their coupled traumatic feelings.  This neurological process is called Reconsolidation. It severs the connection of the traumatic memories to their traumatic feelings. Unlike other trauma therapies, clients are not asked to fully re-experience traumatic events.

After treatment, clients are able to remember past traumatic events without the associated traumatic feelings. Many clients find that they are able to experience a greater and healthier range of emotions and, if required, have the personal resources needed to successfully access ongoing therapy.

“I have tried lots of different therapies, but when it comes to coping with experiences that affected almost every aspect of my life, RTM protocol therapy has been a success beyond expectation.  Instead of attempting to treat symptoms, my therapist Denise Stroud treated the cause – a traumatic event.  I am very grateful for this therapy and feel like a functioning human again!”

“I cannot convey strongly enough how much the RTM sessions improved my mental health and quality of life. It wasn’t until after the sessions that I realised how much the car accident had affected not only my driving, but also my confidence in many other areas of my life. Only once the fear was removed did the full repercussions of the accident become clear. I am in awe of what RTM therapy has done for me and will be forever in your debt.”

Note: RTM currently holds emerging evidentiary medicine status. NICE (The National Institute of Clinical Excellence) describe RTM as a clinically effective cognitive therapy and recommend that further large-scale trials are conducted.

If you would like further information or would like discuss your suitability for treatment using the RTM protocol, please Contact me.

RTM – a client’s story …